Starbreeze Studios has been very tight-lipped about Payday 3 development, even after confirming work on the title was in progress. The developers recently came out to announce an “innovative” DLC pricing strategy, though: The game will be priced at $59.99 at launch for the “Founder’s Edition,” with a monthly patch that removes one heist. However, a Season Pass DLC is available for purchase, which prevents the game from patching away content.

The video game adaptation of Where is Waldo, Hidden Folks, has received critical acclaim for its relaxing animations and accompanying custom mouth-noises. Many players, like local Candace Johnston, have thus sought it out for zen-like experiences and escapes from their everyday grind.

Come one come all for the quadrennial spectacle of Steam sales. While the sale is almost over and many sites have posted some of the best deals, there are still some diamonds in the rough to be found. Rockstar Games, not wanting to be outdone, is offering Grand Theft Auto 5 at a negative 50% discount.

Following the positive reception of the NES and SNES Classic, Nintendo announced today that they would be continuing their Classic line with more new-again-retro tech, this time by releasing the Virtual Boy Classic in a limited edition run on November 11, 2017.

Microsoft really took the show this year at E3 with its reveal of Project Scorpio finally coming to fruition. The most exciting functionality for the new flagship device was surprisingly not mentioned during the keynote presentation, but revealed in a press demonstration to journalists only. Not wanting to be outdone by Sony, in addition to being a 4K Blu Ray Player, it will also feature mobile capabilities as a phone.

After Konami’s cancellation of the hugely anticipated Silent Hills, fans celebrated the announcement that creative director Hideo Kojima would be returning to the game scene with a new IP, Death Stranding. That excitement, however, may be dulled by recent reports of a “troubled” development.