Nier Automata is one of the most critically acclaimed titles of 2017 for its epic love saga between humans and robots, but its PC release has been plagued with graphical and sound issues with radio silence from Square Enix on fixes. Luckily for fans, the official Twitter account announced that a massive patch is finally coming to address the performance issues that have plagued the game for so long.

Sonic fans around the world rejoiced and then pinched themselves after Sonic Mania, the first good game in years was released. Mania’s old school Genesis charm contrasted sharply with Sega’s other recent entries in the franchise, which have been received about as well as a soggy chili dog. That is, until it was discovered that the Steam release had always-online DRM wrapped in. The software locks were eventually removed after complaints from fans, not about the prohibitive copyright measures but how it would not be “canonical” for Sonic to be trapped by an electronic shackle.

From Hoboken to Hong Kong, it isn’t hard to find followers of Lord Gaben wherever you go. As the head of Valve and Steam, he’s showered with praise and adoration not only for his bountiful game sales, but also as the head honcho behind Portal and the unfinished Half Life franchise. However, many worshippers have found themselves in a crisis of faith with the resurfacing of an ancient text, an Epistle that the faithful are referring to as the “Gospel of Marc.”

It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of the year, fans were expectantly waiting for the newest installment in the beloved Mass Effect series, Andromeda. That tune sure turned sour quick, didn’t it? After it’s release, the game was met with criticism leveled at every aspect and level of development, from its visuals to its voice acting. Now less than six months after release, EA has ceased working on the game and quite possibly the series after admitting that Mass Effect was internally a bit of a red-headed child that they were never too fond of.

We don’t envy the beancounters at Valve: as the de facto one stop, global, online game store, Steam conducts thousands of transactions in domestic and foreign currencies every day, and even some with stranger tender like Bitcoin. However, the PC gaming superstore may have recently ran into some trouble, as today they announced there is reason to believe it has been involved in a laundering operation of sugar-laden proportions.

For years, has been the iconic name for the Blizzard game client that thousands of players have RTS’ed, MOBA’d, and even CCG’ed upon. Fans were thus surprised when Blizzard announced they would be rebranding the name to be the “Blizzard App,” which is about as memorable as moss on a wall. The company came out recently to admit they erred with their marketing, and the well beloved launch client is going to go by the name Frozone.

In a massive, new update, Grinding Gear Games has reinvigorated their 2013 ARPG Path of Exile with six new acts, new gameplay leagues, and more game features for its players to celebrate. Amidst the excitement, one new feature may have been overlooked that should have players delving into the game like they never have before: the real money auction house from Diablo 3.