Being perhaps the favored developer to present at E3, Sony announced during their presentation that they were bringing back many a classic like Shadow of the Colossus and God of War. The sequel to The Last of Us was expected to make a keynote appearance, as well. Instead, Sony announced it would be bringing back a “timeless title” with a bang. Pong will be remastered in 4K VR as a Playstation Exclusive*.

CD Projekt Red recently put out a statement saying old Cyberpunk 2077 documents from early development were compromised, with their holder asking for ransom under threat of releasing these documents. CDPR’s bold response: “go ahead, those files are super outdated. We don’t really care.” Now as they’ve demonstrated, if there’s anyone you can believe to be trustworthy, it’s a thief. True to their word, the documents have been made public, offering an insight into the early plans of CDPR’s upcoming title.

A very credible source revealed that Denuvo has been using unlicensed software as the backbone for its video-game DRM technology. The company quickly noted, “In order to provide our clients with the best privacy protection, we have to not only think like pirates, but be pirates.”

Fans have been buzzing since Netflix’s Witcher show announcement, some with excitement and some with worry about how the protagonist of their favorite series might be brought to life on camera. Netflix’s announcement today should assuage those fears, saying they “aim to be as faithful to the series material as possible, including all your favorite characters, Gwent cards, and the vices that follow.”

The PlayStation Network (PSN) has been the victim of countless high profile cyber attacks in the past, some taking down the gaming network, while others leaking users’ personal information. This week, however, Sony celebrates the first full calendar week that PSN has gone without hacks or other ma...