As long as there are games to play, there will be those who are driven to experience them to the fullest extent possible. These are the PC gamers who will shell out thousands chasing down the latest hardware releases to keep their graphics cards and processors on the lightning edge of tech. For Kurt Boughey, his pursuit has paid off in spades: he can’t remember Stardew Valley ever running smoother.

The exploration game SteamWorld Dig 2 was released on September 22, 2017, and players quickly began to seek every nook and cranny of the world for treasure, artifacts, and other secrets. Few will be able to find every secret that the world has hidden, and far fewer still will find the secret ending so technically involved and magnificent a feat to unlock that it’ll grant you a chance to join the best minds at Elon Musk’s Boring Company, making your tunnels into a reality.

It’s a story that anyone can relate to: from childhood, you’re told to work hard in school, take out lots of loans, get into a good college and everything will be alright. Classic advice, common sense even... but it’s become more and more apparent that conventional wisdom is not a one-size-fits-all solution to success these days. A new MySpace poll has shown that Millennials are increasingly disappointed with how the market and countless dollars invested in Pokemon cards have not paid off for them.

With the academic and financial stresses of modern higher education, therapy dogs often bring a welcome respite for students. These cuddly friends are growing scarcer on campuses though, as universities around the country are being driven to ever newer measures to try and counter the high cost of providing American education to the nation’s youth. In the University of West Philadelphia, administrators have come up with an innovative solution to keep therapy pets in the classroom: by replacing them with Tamagotchis.

Some Playstation players may spend hours mashing buttons to earn in-game trophies, but earlier this month one player was rewarded for completing a different kind of achievement. Jason Stiaglionis reserved a spot for himself in the history books, not only as the first to write a full length novel solely on a PlayStation controller, but also winning a Nobel Prize for his efforts.

Every year, game developers and publishers ask themselves the same questions: “how do we raise the bar? How can we make something that’s never been made before?” The answer for Toby Fox, creator of indie hit Undertale, was to make an alarm clock. Chock full of riveting interactions, convenient lamps, function over form, and strict adherence to the latest Material Design standards, it’s no surprise that it’s The Nooby Times’ Game of the Year.