CDPR leakers call bluff, release Cyberpunk 2077 details

Photo Official Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpaper

CD Projekt Red recently put out a statement saying old Cyberpunk 2077 documents from early development were compromised, with their holder asking for ransom under threat of releasing these documents. CDPR’s bold response: “go ahead, those files are super outdated. We don’t really care.” Now as they’ve demonstrated, if there’s anyone you can believe to be trustworthy, it’s a thief. True to their word, the documents have been made public, offering an insight into the early plans of CDPR’s upcoming title.

The notes paint a picture of a cold and uncaring city torn apart by crime and conflict, divided between the haves and have-nots. Among the gangs occupying the city is a populist clan called the Droners, who individually aren’t well armed but establish their dominance through the sheer number of their followers. Another competing faction are the Grift-tons, residents of the city underworld, or the Grift. Tyrants over the dilapidated corners of the city, they pride themselves on dominance and the rule of the powerful.

You play as Gary Bolt, a police ghost operative with a scarred past, keeping the peace but also wrestling with personal demons. Trained in both combat and electronic subterfuge as a Glitcher, Gary Bolt carves a path through a city beset by Droners and Grift-tons, doling out justice within and outside of the law, all the while pursuing his mysterious, digital companion… Siri.

The document ends with a development footnote: “What is this pile of gówno? Rewrite and burn this. I don’t want this to see the light of day again.”