E3 Coverage: Sony announces Pong Coming to Playstation VR

Being perhaps the favored developer to present at E3, Sony announced during their presentation that they were bringing back many a classic like Shadow of the Colossus and God of War. The sequel to The Last of Us was expected to make a keynote appearance, as well. Instead, Sony announced it would be bringing back a “timeless title” with a bang. Pong will be remastered in 4K VR as a Playstation Exclusive*.

We interviewed Lead Developer Matthew Mattison about the revitalized IP. When asked what differentiates this from table tennis, Mattison remarked:

No no, that’s nothing like it. Actually, if we had to say we drew inspiration from any particular game, other than the source material, it’d be like a top down version of Mario’s Tennis from the Virtual Boy console. We really looked at what worked and what didn’t, and tried to see how much bang we could pack while not costing performance at fluid 4k. "

Pong PSVR is currently in pre-alpha and expected to release in Q4 2019.

*Also on PC.