E3 Scandal: Tomb Raider trailer revealed to be footage from a VP's Peru Vacation

After E3 this week, fans couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing dazzling trailers for titles such as Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Tomb Raider: The Lost Odyssey. Well, if you thought at least one of these looked unbelievable, you’re not entirely wrong.

An anonymous source at Square Enix has revealed that the the footage purported to be in-game footage for Tomb Raider is, in fact, 360 degree footage from a VP’s recent trip to Machu Pichu.

They would have probably gotten away with it too, but if you look carefully at the lake frame, you can see the VP’s husband and a liege of Sherpas carrying all the camera equipment. An amateur mistake, really, but we’re calling it an ‘easter egg’.

We did not contact Square Enix for comment.