Full Circle: Denuvo DRM Uses Pirated Software

Art by Gordon Johnson

A very credible source revealed that Denuvo has been using unlicensed software as the backbone for its video-game DRM technology. The company quickly noted, “In order to provide our clients with the best privacy protection, we have to not only think like pirates, but be pirates.”

Denuvo has been using an unauthorized copy of a piece of software called “VMProtect,” to reinforce its famously draconian game authentication. When asked if they would consider paying a licensing fee, the company noted they’d consider it, but wouldn’t want to have to pass on such costs to consumers. “The whole point of our product is to enrich user experience… not take away from it.”

This is the latest of a series of suspected unlicensed software cases that Denuvo has recently implicated themselves in. Other companies that have filed similar complaints this year include the publishers of Limewire, Winrar, and premier vendor of downloadable cars, Wheel-o-byte.