Middle aged men plan to pretend being teenage girls on your computer... again

A group calling themselves DONTNOD announced their intentions this week, saying they had previously made up female personas in the 2015 title Life is Strange. What’s more is that they plan on doing the same thing again.

In what few can deny was a wildly lucrative operation, DONTNOD had successfully used fabricated, high school girl back stories to conduct over a million digital transactions over a nine month period. With their past gains in the rearview mirror, they hope to find similar success with their new virtual campaign.

“We had never tried anything like this before, personifying teenage girls. I don’t think any of us had a good idea of what we were doing,” confessed team lead Pierre Gaspard.

" It turns out we were not half as terrible as we thought at convincing others to believe our story... That, or people knew but didn’t care so long as they had someone to listen to. You’ll find all kinds of people on the internet.

DONTNOD hasn’t announced when they would unleash their next digital campaign, but it’s likely they’ll be creating new characters instead of reprising their old personas. Until then, be on the lookout for outlandish characters on the computer and their suspenseful stories of high school drama: it could just be the latest yarn from DONTNOD.