Tetsuya Nomura invents numeric system to announce newest Kingdom Hearts Spinoff

A game without a release date can’t be late, but fans despaired as news broke this week that both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 will be released “in the next three years or so.” While disappointing, a recent tweet from director Tetsuya Nomura may shed new light on the announcement.

The tweet was simply a picture of a coded tablet, uncaptioned. Cryptic as it was, linguists and otaku slaved over its coded message and discovered its meaning within a mere forty eight hours. We’re still waiting on an official confirmation, but a rough translation into English appears to be:


Is it possible that we’ll see yet another new Kingdom Hearts game before the end of the trilogy? If accurate, fans of the series will be delighted to see both new characters and old beloved friends again before the grand finale. Unless you’ve played literally every other game in the series, we can confirm you’ll be completely lost. By our last count, we’re pretty sure Mickey Mouse and Goofy should still be around somewhere… more details will be posted as they’re available!

An anonymous tipster allegedly associated with Square Enix has come forward via email with this nugget:

I wasn’t sure if Nomura-san was ever going to announce this spin-off. The game has finished development ages ago. The only thing we’ve worked on for the last two years is a pictographic language for his announcement, and a crazy numeric system for a number to put at the end of the name, “Ⱦȹȶȵȫȣȣȣǝǝǝ"